Our Team

Nancy round cropped (1)Nancy

A passionate advocate of improving student learning through supporting teachers and teacher leaders, Nancy Burns is the CEO of Midwest Educational Consultants.  For the past 14 years Jacki and Nancy have been friends and creative partners.  Oh, and if you want to see this tiny gal get all fired up… drop one of the following hooks the next time you see her:  A) The job of the high-poverty teacher is no different than any other teacher  B) Where the technology is placed in the classroom doesn’t matter C) Standardized testing

Nancy surrounds herself with smart people.  Meet a few of them:
















Jacki round croppedJacki

An award-winning teacher with a passion for helping everyone become better at what they do, Jacki Brickman is a pro at relating to people.  She has a reputation for empowering people through her keen observations and insightful feedback.   Be prepared for hilarious reenactments of her personal and professional experiences.  Her ability to captivate diverse audiences suggests that she might just practice the communication skills she teaches.


Michael round croppedMichael

A hyperactive child who graduated from high school with a 4th grade reading level, Michael Grinder went on to earn a Master’s degree, became runner-up for Washington’s Teacher of the Year, and authored 13 books including the ENVoY Trilogy.  He is the master of, and world-renown expert in, the power of influence, the science of nonverbal communication, leadership, group dynamics, advanced relationship building skills, and presentation skills.  Nancy and Jacki are grateful for his guidance and mentorship.