From Our Clients

We are lucky to work with great people. Here’s what they are saying about our work:


Your experience with urban students gives me confidence to try the skills in my classroom.

Management techniques were very applicable to 8th grade as well as other secondary levels. Loved the “decontamination skill.”

This workshop was so helpful, I’m looking forward to implementing the skills in my second grade classroom.

I appreciated the modeling and practice provided.

All strategies were relevant, practical and able to be used with the curriculum.

You are an excellent model of the management techniques you are teaching. The examples you provided perfectly matched my experiences with real students in the classroom. Your body language and eye contact are fabulously controlled and effective.

The focus on implementation was especially appreciated. I will make an extra effort to make sure I use these important skills in the coming year.

You are enthusiastic, well organized, extremely knowledgeable and talented. The abundance of visuals helped my understanding.

The style of workshop encouraged participants to be reflective about the effectiveness of our teaching practice. The pace was calm and deliberate.

It is clear that you have worked in the classroom. Your advice is beneficial because you have been there.

The emphasis on gaining compliance in a non-shaming way reminds me that I can get students to behave without using power.

The instructor’s real life experience with students came through in her stories and examples.