ENVoY Certified Schools

In a Certified School, 80% of the school’s licensed staff must demonstrate the 7 Gems within one lesson (see ENVoY Certification). Paraprofessional Certified Schools have 80% of paraprofessionals who are ENVoY certified.

In a Demonstration School, ENVoY is practiced and observable by more than just the licensed staff. There is a rigorous rubric used to determine demonstration certification, which adds to the standards required for school-wide certification.

The following schools deserve recognition for their commitment to implementing ENVoY and were certified by Jacki Brickman, Nancy Burns, and their teams of evaluators (associates of Michael Grinder):

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Other ENVoY Certified Schools
Certified by A&J Educational and Professional Consulting (associates of Michael Grinder):

Certification Gem Demo Site Heartland Ranch Elementary, Coolidge, AZ (2015, 2016)

Certification Gem Demo Site West Elementary, Coolidge, AZ (2016)

Certification Gem Demo Site Ockley Green K-8, Portland, OR (2013)

Certification Gem Demo Site Sitton Elementary, Portland, OR (2010)

Certification Gem Demo Site George Middle School, Portland, OR (2010)

Certification Gem Demo Site Golfcrest Elementary, Houston, TX (2010)

Certification Gem Demo Site Lucille Gregg Elementary, Houston, TX (2009)

Certification Gem Demo Site Rhoades Elementary, Houston, TX (2009)

Certification Gem Demo Site Firewood/Oak Grove, Clover Park, SD (2008)