Demonstration Certification

As part of the Demonstration Certification process, educators utilize video and written reflection as one way to see their growth over time. This page explains how to get set up to submit videos.


STEP 1: View the directions video to familiarize yourself with the whole process. Revisit and watch as many times as needed during the process.

STEP 2: Enroll as a STUDENT (not teacher) in the “ENVoY Demonstration Certification: Working Toward” class on Schoology (Access Code:6VZ4X-8GNWB). If you accidentally sign up as a teacher, you’ll need to delete the account and do these steps again.

Schoology Registration Directions MEC

STEP 3: Read the “Preassessment Video and Reflection” Assignment Description and submit the file right on Schoology

STEP 4: Remember to print out the file to have as an artifact in your Demonstration Portfolio binder

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